MNC Report

!MNC Report assignment: please write a critical report about a Multinational Corporation of your choice selected from the following list. Or, you may propose an MNC not included in the list but cannot proceed to the report without my approval. The report should focus on issues of a socio-political nature relevant to the corporation’s host and/or home country environment past and, where possible, present. This is a research assignment so you will need to provide appropriate and properly cited sources—you should have a minimum THREE academically appropriate sources (excluding company website). There is no maximum number of sources, but stay within reason.
Things to consider: 1. why have you chosen this particular corporation from this particular country (or countries)? 2. briefly: what are its “brand names” and/or area(s) of specialization? 3. what sort of industries/sectors does it operate in? 4. what is the scope of its operations (i.e. OECD countries mostly or only? Less developed world?) 5. what sort of image does it project through its website, CSR statements etc? and is this image correlated with its activities and the informed opinion of outside observers? (e.g. its operations, its membership—or not—in the UN Global Compact or similar initiatives) 6. how closely is the corporation tied to the home state? (this is especially relevant for Chinese companies) 7. most importantly: what sorts of negative or positive contributions has the corporation made to workers, various stakeholders, general citizens, civil society, the physical environment, overall development (or not) of host and/homes sates of operations?

MNC Report

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