Mini-Research Paper #1: Africa

For this first mini-research project, students will research a current African visual artist (architect, painter, sculptor, etc.), writer (poet, novelist, or play writer) or performing artist (musician, dancer, actor/actress, etc.). This is not a biographical paper, but instead you will need to consider why this is an important current African artist, and introduce the reader to at least one of her/his works with some details.

  Format requirements:

Mini-Research Paper #1: Africa

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  • The paper will have an introduction that gets the attention of the reader, identifies the artist that was researched, and previews the specifics about this artist that will be discussed in the paper.
  • Use in-text (parenthetical) citations to identify the source of each fact, statistic, research detail, or quote.
  • Sources will be properly cited according to MLA style in a Works Cited page.
  • Use at least two different sources for the paper, one of which should be an academic source.
  • The conclusion of the paper will include a summary of the main points and draw a conclusion about this artists success in portraying his African culture today.
  • The paper will be double-spaced, in 12-point font, have one-inch margins, all double-spaced, and be as error-free as possible. Proofread and revise. Read your paper out loud and actually listen to your sentence structure and grammar usage. Make all corrections before you turn in a final draft.
  • Minimum length: three pages (without counting header or title).    

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