Memory Assignment



    Mind Tool's ( website on memory techniques and mnemonics will help you apply the concepts taught in Chapter 6 to improve your own memory. This reviews the underlying principles of effective mnemonic systems then introduce several specific mnemonics and apply them to the remembering names, dates, telephone numbers, and so on. You may also access the website, Improving Your Memory through Mnemonics

    What to Do:

    Visit the website listed above; read the first article, Memory Techniques (start here), and then choose three other articles/links to read. Then answer the questions below (assume a short essay format and means typed and double spaced). You will be graded on the thoroughness and completeness of your responses.

    Memory Assignment

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     1. Identify and describe three specific mnemonic techniques you learned about and explain how each of these mnemonic devices may be applied to studying for an exam, a speech, lists, or other information. (Be sure to explain this information in your own words.)

    2. Next, develop and describe a mnemonic to help you remember key concepts/vocabulary for the following essay questions. In order to receive full credit, you must come up with your own mnemonics for each. (The intention is for you to practice developing your own mnemonics. You will only receive credit for creating the mnemonic, not simply answering the question.) a. Identify and describe the two types of LTM information. (Chapter 6) b. Explain both the repressed memory and false memory controversies. What is the difference between a false memory and a repressed memory? Why may they be confused? (This one might be tricky, but figure out what will be meaningful to you)

    Assignment Format:

    1. A paper about 2 pages long, not including any reference section

    2. Typed and double spaced, with Arial (10 point font) or Times New Roman (11  or 12 point font) and 1-inch margins

    3. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors and indent the first line of each paragraph.

    4. Provide in-text citations and reference any of your sources using APA format

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