Media Artifact Writing Proposal

  1. The proposal is a brief summary of your intended research topic and your plan for completing it. The goal of this assignment is to help you begin conceptualizing your research project. Include the following:


    a. Identify at least one media artifact or event that you would like to explore in more detail;

    b. Identify at least one concept that you might use and explain how it applies;

    c. Include a working thesis statement that clearly articulates the primary argument your analysis will illustrate;

    Media Artifact Writing Proposal

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    d. Describe how this research will contribute to our knowledge of media literacy and criticism (i.e. why is this research important/relevant/interesting/useful?); and

    e. Identify (via APA style citation) at least one scholarly article that you might use and briefly explain how it will help support your own research.

    f. Briefly note any potential obstacles that might decrease the feasibility of your analysis and inhibit your ability to conduct the analysis successfully. Note the ways in which you plan to overcome these challenges.


    Please write this proposal in paragraph form, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, with the citation listed at the end.


    Please  submit your work in Microsoft Word as a format, so I can provide you with feedback by using the track changes in Word.

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