Marita's Bargain

Chapter Nine - Outliers.  ( Answer Questions)

Maritas Bargain Chapter Nine


The subtitle for this chapter is, All My Friends Now Are From KIPP.  What happened to the friends that Marita had from her old school?  Whats up with thisplease tell the story.


Something is very different about a KIPP school.  The students walk quietly down the hallways in single file.  In the classroom, they are taught to turn and address anyone talking to them in a protocol known as SSLANTwhat is this?  KIPP has become one of the most desirable public schools in New York City.  What makes it so desirable in a hardscrabble neighborhood in the South Bronx?


In the early nineteenth century, a group of educational reformers can to the decision that it was important for children not to get too much schooling.  It was thought that over-schooling could lead to what types of issues in young children?


What is the difference between the ideas of the American educational reformers and the Asian worldview that is shaped by cultivating rice paddies? 


Marita's Bargain

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The problem with schools today doesnt lie with teachers or children or curriculum or not having enough teachers with Ph.Ds.  The problem is not inherent in the school system.  What does our author recognize as the real problem with schools today?


What is the difference in the number of days American children go to school and the number of days that Japanese children go to school?  Significant or not?


So, who wants to enter the lottery for a KIPP school?  Why or Why not?


Describe Marita school dayher wake-up time, her school day, her time after school is done as well as what happens in the evening hours.  And, remember to include Saturdays.  Marita is putting in the same number of hours as what two types of workers?


The beginning is hard for KIPP students.  But then what takes over and comes into play as the children adjust to their schedules? 


What might happen to Marita if she was enrolled in the traditional public school in the South Bronx?  What might happen now that Marita is enrolled in KIPP?


In return for the KIPPs students hard work, what is the promise?  Provide the statisticswe need evidence to battle the cultural legacy that Maria has had to shed. 


It is the brightest who succeed.  True or False


Outliers are those who have been given opportunities and who had the strength and presence of mind to seize them.  True or False.


Marita doesnt need a brand-new school with acres of playing field and gleaming facilities.  She doesnt need a laptop, a smaller class, a teacher with a Ph.D., or a bigger apartment.  Marita doesnt need a higher IQ.  What does she need?


Someone brought a little bit of the rice paddy to the South Bronx and explained to her the miracle of


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