Luckin Coffee

By searching online for several published articles on the case as well as the official filings for Luckin Coffees IPO and SEC filing answer the following questions:

1. What were the primary risks and rewards of investing in Lucking Coffee for overseas investors?

2. Do you believe there were any red flags regarding the company's fraudulent reports?

3. Before the crisis, the stock of Lucking Coffee was valued at roughly $50, and it is now valued at around $10. Was the controversy the sole cause for the decreased value, or are there any other fundamental changes that are reflected in the price?

4. What are the chances that the firm will turn around following its recent reorganization?

5. At the present price, is the stock a "buy" or a "sell"?

Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee is rated 4.8/5 based on 374 customer reviews.

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