LDRCB/535: Leading Change

Leadership Styles in Action


This reflection activity is comprised of two sections,collectively totaling a minimum of 600 words. Complete your reflections byresponding to all prompts.


Review the reading A Case of Servant Leadership in Chapter8 (See attached file). Compare the servant leadership style to that of theparticipative and situational leadership styles. Think about a leader you knowwho embodies one of these leadership styles. Consider his or her actions andimpact on people.


LDRCB/535: Leading Change

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        How is this leadership style reflected in yourleadership assessment?

        How could you, as a leader, fulfill this role?What leadership qualities do you need to develop?


High Performance

Recall an experience youve had as a member of a highperforming team in the workplace.


        What steps did that team, or its leadership,take to ensure the team performed well?

        Could the team have used any of the strategiesdiscussed in this modules reading to help improve its performance even more?

        Can you think of an experience with a team thatdid not perform well, and what strategies could it have used to help improveits success?

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