Lab Competency: Intro To Photoshop

First of all, you need a professional camera to do this assignment before continuing to read the description.


This lab assignment will demonstrate your competency with exposure and contrast adjustment and color adjustments. Both a before and after version of your images will be uploaded.

Lab Competency: Intro To Photoshop

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  • Photograph a scene that interests you with your DSLR or compatible camera) that you would like to adjust
    • This image should be a new image you have taken this semester
    • Practice good compositional skills (use elements and principles of design combined with tools like rule of thirds or the golden ratio)
    • Note ISO, shutter speed and aperture when you shot the image
  • Open the image in Photoshop
    • Save a copy as a jpg
  • Adjust the exposure and contrast with levels
  • Adjust the color using the technique demonstrated in the lab video for this week
  • Save a copy of your adjusted image 
    • You should now have two files of the same image, one with adjustments
  • Embed both images in the submission box (use the embed image icon) and label them 'before' and 'after'
  • Submit a short reflection of about 150-200 words that details
    • the ISO,
    • aperture,
    • shutter speed,
    • the adjustments you made,
    • how the adjustments affected the visual impact of the image and
    • what compositional elements or principles of design are being used and how well they are used

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