King The Dalmatian

I have to answer this case. Use relevant theory and arguments based on a recognized method rooted in recognized theory. An analysis, spend time on argumentation and remember references! :

King is a 5 year old Dalmatian male dog. He has always been the joy of the family, and is involved in everything that the family does. They have never been on a course or trained anything special with King, but he has had plenty of exercise and trips. He loves to run outside in the garden and likes to bark at passers-by. When people come to visit, he is first at the door to welcome. If there is someone he knows, he becomes overly excited, strangers can get a small elm look before he jumps up in the guest's lap. There he usually sits to stare them right in the face until the owner comes and takes him down. He has an incredible energy need and is high and low all the time. In previous games with the children, he has been a bit violent and he quickly turns up in cases where the children have "ravaged" a little too much. On a couple of occasions, this has resulted in the children being bitten, including in the face. They have not put so much emphasis on this - they say it is the children who are to blame when they play with King. He also on one occasion bit a cyclist who was cycling past the house.
He has mostly connected with the father in the house, and when he is at home he is usually quite calm. However, the father is a partly out travelling, and then it is the mother and child who are at home. Then King must take care of everything and everyone.
Last week, Dad was gone. King then stood in the window of the living room and barked loudly at someone who passed by on the outside. Mom had just gotten up and was coming from the shower in her underwear. She went into the living room to yell at King and make him stop making noise. She says loudly "BAD DOG" - STOP STANDING THERE AND BARK "King does not react, and she takes a step towards King and asks him to cut out. Out of nowhere, King then turns to his mother and comes at full speed and bites her in the thigh in wild rage. She screams, and the eldest daughter of 20 comes from downstairs to see what happens. He continues to bite his mother, and her daughter has to get rid of him. He then turns to her and bites her several times hard in the arm before he stands on two meters and growls loudly. Mother gets 5 serious bites in the thigh and three in the arm, while the daughter gets 2 ugly bites in the arm. Both bleed heavily and have to go to the emergency room to sew.
What happened to King, and what could trigger this episode. What to do next with King - euthanasia is out of the question for the family.

King The Dalmatian

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