Kind Of Reflective Paper

Assume that the Province of Nova Scotia Government has requested your opinion as a consultant on the merits of enacting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples to make Nova Scotia law consistent with the Mikmaw rights.  You need to address your arguments for this proposed legislation in not more than 4 pages, double-spaced with 12-point font. No right or wrong opinions exist on this issue, only a justified opinion. 

In addressing this question, I want you to discover and reveal what you think about the issue. This is not a research paper; you have to use the class material presented to answer this question. It takes dignity and determination to write your beliefs. Often, the pressures that arise from yourself and your education seem designed to sap your thoughts. We all have been inundated with numerous thoughts and messages about how we ought to think what we ought to say. Often the voice that is genuinely ours is not well developed. We may be an expert at mimicking others but not speaking for ourselves. The antidote to his influence is self-reflection and self-trust. To discover what you think and feel, independent of other messages, requires dignity and courage.


Finding your authentic voice is not a rehash of others' thoughts or words. So, you are unlikely to find someone else speaking what you are thinking or feeling. You may sometimes find others saying things or written documents with which you resonate. These sayings and writings resonate or generate a common thread because they are already present in you in some form, at least. Behind the practice of writing your thoughts or speaking to them is to remain aware of the constant potential waiting to unfold through and around us in education and life.

Kind Of Reflective Paper

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I want you in this assignment to express your authentic and unique thoughts, your voice, your spirit. To write your thoughts is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the assignment. Writing your thoughts involves revealing your consciousness regardless of other influences that might be brought to bear. Only as you learn to take seriously the possibility that what you think might be valid for others do you find the dignity and confidence to share it.

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