1. What do the VFX talents of Julian Bass tell us about the future of Generation Z?  
2. Have you or someone you know ever produced videos like his?  If so, please post!! 
3. How does Julian Bass's TikTok video reflect similar creations of the Pixar film Soul?
4. How does Julian's choice of music (below) for his video (above) reflect the fun of creating it

5. Listen carefully to the assessment of Generation Z below, and in three sentences or more, give your opinion on what you agree and disagree with.
6. At 3:40 he says 94% of Crypto Buyers are Gen Z or Millennial; do think this is accurate?
7. Do you own Crypto?  If so, why and what can you buy with it?  Feel free to enlighten those of us who do not own it :-)


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