Islamization In Turkey And Egypt


1) Compare and contrast the experiences of "Islamization from below" in Egypt and Turkey. What are the trajectories of Islamist parties in the two countries? Did the parties push for an Islamist agenda once in power? Did they embrace democracy? What type of relationships did they establish with the masses?

2) What role, if any, should Western powers play in the process of democratization of Muslim countries? What mistakes, if any, did they make in the past and how could those mistakes be fixed? While answering, consider the relationships of Egypt with the USA and of Turkey with the European Union.

Islamization In Turkey And Egypt

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3) Compare and contrast the processes of forced secularization by the state in Turkey and forced Islamization by the state in Pakistan. Do state-imposed projects of social engineering work? Why or why not?

4) What fuels and what hinders Islamization? While answering, make references to at least two of the following case studies: Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan.  

SIDE NOTE: dont have to address every prompt but they are to choose from. respond t0 2-3 prompts. 

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