Interview With An Entrepreneur

Interview an entrepreneur.  This can be someone known to you, someone you work with now or in the past, or any entrepreneur.  If you do not know an entrepreneur to interview, then start networking with friends, coworkers, and family members and find an entrepreneur to interview for this assignment.

Interview With An Entrepreneur

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Write a two- to three-page APA formatted paper (not including the cover page and the reference page) addressing the main findings from your interview with an entrepreneur. Cite at least one peer-reviewed articles from the FSW library databases. (Be sure to cite the source at the location used and then as references at the end of your paper on the reference page.)

Write this as an APA formatted paper (Word doc) (See the APA template in the APA module) with the following outline:

  • Cover Page (in APA format)
  • Introduction (Who you interviewed and a brief explanation of their business venture)
  • Paragraphs 1,2,3: Main findings from your interview. Apply this to the text and other course material to compare or contrast your findings from the interview with what the textbook and other resources indicate.
  • Conclusion: What were your most valuable lessons or findings as a result of this assignment?
  • References (separate reference page in APA format)

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