Intervention On Stuttering

So I am writing an essay on STUTTERING. Scholarly articles on the topic need to be used. These are the instructions given:

You will evaluate the research done on this issue and come up with recommendations for best practices for an intervention/prevention program. Using at least 3 empirical, peer-reviewed articles on the topic, explore the following:

-What methods were used to explore the issue before? What were the research

questions and hypotheses?

Intervention On Stuttering

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-What has already been done to work with the issue? What was successful? What was not successful?

-How did the programs meet the populations specific developmental needs?

Best-practice Recommendations: Based on the research, what recommendations would you make for creating a program to resolve the developmental issue? Using research findings, developmental theory and concepts, provide at least 5 goals/outcomes a program developer should focus on when developing an intervention/prevention program for the selected issue.

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