Integrating Organizations - Written Assignment

For this assignment, students review PwC's "7 Drivers for Successfully Syncing Mergers with Integration Strategy."

Detailed here are the 7 Drivers PwC suggests are synced with the Integration Strategy:

Culture – focused on behavioral change

Communication – the voice of the change management program

Leadership – clarify authority

Integrating Organizations - Written Assignment

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Organization – manage expectations at each level

Policies & Procedures – combining the “go forward” P&P

Employee Onboarding – preparing the integration of the people

Incentives – recognize contributions reflective of desired behavior


To successfully complete Assignment 5, students will submit an Opinion Paper. Students will select one of the 7 Drivers, and write a persuasive paper about why the chosen Driver is the most significant of the 7 Drivers of Integration Strategy. Successful written submissions will be approximately 2 pages in length, and include a specific example of an occurrence when the chosen Driver was utilized effectively for an organization. The submission must also include (as a cited and referenced source) a supportive article the student identifies and connects to how it emphasizes the importance of the chosen driver.

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