Individual Research Proposal

The Individual Research Proposal (IRP) is a 2-3 page single spaced document written in memo format. The proposal should identify a legitimate and widespread problem in the fields of health care, IT, or business. The proposal will establish a need to explore the problem and possible solution(s) further in the subsequent team report and individual presentation. See below for possible research topics and make sure you have read the full Team Analytical Report, or TAR, directions before you begin so that you understand the full scope of this assignment in relation to the team project. In the IRP you will provide your team with a tentative plan for scholarly study. Chapter 11 in your textbook will give you general information about proposal writing as well as some examples of specific types of proposals; chapter 13 will guide you somewhat more specifically in terms of this particular assignment. You MUST use the IRP Template to write this proposal.

Individual Research Proposal

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