Improving The Adoption Of New Product

       Take a new product about to be introduced or just introduced to the market (can be your product from Lab to Market, or anything else, can be a product or service). Describe what it is in one paragraph.

       Decide how radical the product is (behaviorally) on a scale of 1-5, 1 = new restaurant; 5 = consumer driverless car

       Assess the ACCORD of the current product, on each dimension 1= poor, 5 = excellent. Make sure to assess from the USER’s perspective.

Improving The Adoption Of New Product

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       Identify realistic areas for improvement on the ACCORD, and briefly describe the feasible actions to be taken

       Assess the ACCORD again for after your proposed changes have taken place

       Do you think this product will face easy adoption (in the improved ACCORD scenario above)?

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