IDS. Introduction To Native American Studies

 Each response should be 3 paragraphs long and must bebetween 750-850 words. Answers should make significant use of the course texts and cite them, using page numbers, eitherdirectly or in paraphrase, in support of your arguments. Lecture & discussion notes shouldsupplement and guide your own direct encounters with the readings, but not substitute for them. 
1. We have read several texts describing a select few of the civilizations of North America prior to1450 (David La Vere, F. Kent Reilly III, James A. Brown, Robert Hall, and George Lankford).Discuss three examples of how these texts might help us to understand or appreciate better some ofthe details we encounter in the following texts about the period after 1450: Cherokee Dragon,Walking the Choctaw Road

IDS. Introduction To Native American Studies

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