Idea Paper On Two Plays About Women Of Color

  1. In two sentences describe the narrative techniques used by Jean Small in A Black Woman’s Tale (1990) and Ntozake Shange in for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf (1977) (a narrative technique refers to the form of the writing and methods used to tell the story)
  2. With examples, compare and contrast the following features of the two productions:
  • The writers’ treatment of the topics of sexuality, and relationships between men and women
  • The writers’ representations of Black women’s interior lives
  • You must write at least 500 words up to approximately 550 words.  I do not penalize students for going over the maximum number of words a bit. Upload your paper in PDF format. Do not upload it in Word. I cannot grade it if it is in Word. Include the authors’ dates of publication and page numbers when making direct quotes; for example (Small 1990, 14).

Idea Paper On Two Plays About Women Of Color

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