Discussion Board 5

Note for the Discussion Boards

    • Use images and maps to add visual effects wherever possible - Guide to embed images by uploading files or embed from the web.
    • Hyperlink sources and citations, do not list a bibliography. - Guide to hyperlink sources.

For this week's discussion board:


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  1. Sketch a Hurricane and upload your sketch to the Discussion Board. Ensure you clearly label - pressure, wind direction with hot and cold air rising or sinking clearly noted. (Embed your sketch into the discussion board, do not upload as an attachment.) You may use a Word Processing Software for your sketch or draw it by hand, take a picture, and embed, use the guides listed above to embed images.
  2. You will calculate your Carbon FootPrint. Take a screenshot of the results, embed in the discussion board, and provide 100-200 word description of your reactions to the exercise and how it relates to what you learned about climate change.

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