Hoarding Disorder

The concept is Hoarding disorder 

Hoarding Disorder

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The following five elements will be assessed:

  1. Introduction of the concept: This should include the purpose of the analysis and the significance to nursing practice, education, and/or nursing research.
  2. Analysis of concept: Follow the eight steps of concept analysis as presented by Walker and Avant (p. 58 McEwen text).
  3. Comparison: Synthesize the findings in your concept analysis with what you have found in the literature.
  4. Implications:
    1. How can this concept be used in professional nursing practice, education, and/or nursing research?
    2. How can this concept advance the theoretical basis of nursing as a science?
  5. APA format, five to seven pages in length (excluding the title page and references).

This assignment will be evaluated using the Concept Analysis Paper Rubric in the syllabus.

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