History Of The News

this week I ask that you consider the history of news since it began as well as the important role journalism has played in New York City since its founding.

I first ask that you watch this fact-filled video entitled  “The Endless News Cycle”  

As you watch, take notes. Consider the meaning and consequences of terms like “news cycle fatigue” and “censorship” as well as the many reasons people “follow” the news. You might also want to consider the effect of important developments such as the invention of paper, the block press, and movable type as well as the different — and evolving — forms of the media (early newspapers, radio, newsreels, broadcast news, CNN, and today’s social media platforms) as well as new reporting methods.

I also ask that you take a virtual walking tour of one of New York’s famed neighborhoods to learn about local printing history. I created tours of the Seaport District, Printing House Square, Union Square, the East Village, and the West Village for my Digital Project “City of Print” (hosted on Squarespace). Choose ONEtour that interests you and comment on what interested you most about it.

Here is the site link: CITYOFPRINT. Use password (cityofprint2020) to enter. Go to the “Walking Tours” link on the upper part of the site.  If you have time and interest, I also recommend viewing my opening lecture (“At John Holt’s Tomb: In Search of Lost Space in the City of Print”) which introduces the history of the site and expands on the significance of print culture).  You’ll find this video under “lectures.”

History Of The News

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