1.        Answer these questions. All answers must have distinct arguments at the beginning and use specific evidence (facts, dates, people, events) to support these arguments. They are worth 24 points each, and should have at least 500 words each to answer the question (particularly the first one):
    1. Compare and contrast the development of three countries between 1919 and 1945. You have to include one largely independent country (Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia), one French Mandate (Syria, Lebanon) and one British Mandate/Protectorate (Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan, but not Palestine). Things that you could/should analyze are economics, politics, womens movements, education, secularism vs. religion, and foreign intervention. What were the key factors that pushed these places to develop in the way that they did?
    2. What were the most important factors/events that led to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (up to 1948)? You should probably choose three to focus on in order to keep the answer manageable. Be sure to justify why these factors were the most important.


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