Hiring People

Your client has approached you to write a hiring philosophy for their business. They want this new philosophy to encourage the hiring of innovative poeple. Consider the following things when creating this philosophy. (https://yourwellnesscenter.com/) Website of the client I choose. 

  • Your client's mission and vision statements
  • What kind of personality or culture do you think your client's company should have?
  • What attributes or traits that you think should be shared among all employees, especially to encourage innovation?
  • What kinds of qualifications (not position-specific) should be set for potential employees? What about qualifications regarding Design Thinking and prototyping skills?

This is an example of a hiring philosophy (Links to an external site.)https://hr.oregonstate.edu/search-excellence/hiring-philosophy-and-principles, and this is a great article about Zappos' hiring process.

Hiring People

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Finally, this is a video from the president of a small company on their hiring philosophy. Yours will need to include a bit more detail. One paragraph should suffice. 

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