Healthcare System In A Country Choice

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Review the Final Paper criteria in Week Six of the course.  (see below). 
The country will be Canada.   In 200-300 words, describe the Canadian healthcare system and list at least three sources that you will be able to use to extract the information necessary for the Final Paper. 

Final paper review (FYI)
Based on the country you have selected, (Canada) analyze its health system in terms of cost, quality, and access to care. Discuss how the country you chose is different from the United States. Politics, culture, wealth, history and environmental factors influence the development and distribution of health services. Your analysis should speak to the following elements:

Impact on vulnerable population (elderly, children, mental ill, etc)
Womens health and maternal child health
Disease management of communicable and non-communicable diseases
The theory and practice of health promotion
Behavioral and lifestyle factors that affect health and illness
Include appropriate comparison and contrasts with the health systems of countries that were covered in this course.

Healthcare System In A Country Choice

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