HCA 220 Organizational Behavior Assignment Instructions

 The book characterizes managerial skills and practices that influence organizationalbehavior using soft skills such as studying how people act in organizations. The authoralso discusses the importance of a manager making decisions and resolving problems.Utilizing both strategies offers best practices to ensure that understanding employeesand thinking critically for problem resolution are determinants for management behavior.Respond to the questions below by writing a minimum of 1-page paper of your findings.Provide at least one source at the end of your paper. Remember to use APA formatting. 

1. Describe an incident from a past job where you would like to better understandhow the organizational setting influences employee behavior. What was thesituation, and what happened? As a manager in that situation, what would you doto understand and handle the situation? 
2. Explain how the situation directly or indirectly impacts the expectations ofworkers and how they behave in the healthcare organization. 
Writing Mechanics Use Times 12 point font, double-spaced text, and indent first line of eachparagraph. Follow APA writing guidelines. Proofread and correct all errors in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, andspelling

*Text Book: Introduction to Health Care Management, 4th Edition; S Buchbinder, N Shanks;Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2021

HCA 220  Organizational Behavior Assignment Instructions

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