Greek Mythology

we have another Greek Tragedy on the agenda: the Prometheus Bound, usually attributed to Aeschylus. A typical Tragedy ends with an agon (or contest/argument; we get our terms protagonist and antagonist from this literary device), and this one is no different. Please re-watch especially 53:45-1:03:45 when Hermes arrives on stage to offer Prometheus a last opportunity to cooperate with Zeus, and then make an argument (in about 300 words, including at least two quotations from the play) based on the following prompt:

Does Prometheus in the Prometheus Bound more represent someone too stubborn to adapt to a new regime/power/law or someone steadfast in his beliefs and experience? Consider the differences between heroism and hubris that we have discussed in class. You can include moments/quotations from outside of the Hermes and Prometheus debate; it is offered to you as a jumping-off point. (This is the vido link)

Greek Mythology

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