Genetics Research Discussion 1 (Links to an external site.) 

    Read sections I, III, and VI ONLY

    Questions for the article: 

    Genetics Research Discussion 1

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    There are 4 components of this assignment. 

    1.   In at least 1 paragraph (6-8 sentences), summarize the article and the conclusions of the research contained therein.

    2.   In at least 1 paragraph (6-8 sentences), answer the following questions: What are the implications of this paper? What are the consequences of the findings? 

    3.   Ask a question about the text. This may be an area that you don't understand or about how this research relates to what we've discussed in class, in lab, or in popular culture. (Think: Frankenstein, literally any comic book hero, Jurassic Park, or my favorite game franchise, Resident Evil)

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