Gender Dysmorphia

7-10 (Max 10 pages, you will not be penalized for going slightly over if necessary); This does not include the reference page and title, 12-point font Arial or Times Roman 1” margin with Six (see below) references, Double space, Title page, References APA 7th edition - refer to APA book or Purdue OWL website for an example of APA referencing. Reference: Purdue Online Writing Lab - APA 7 Citations and References Six references required.Example: Possible Topics: ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders (Depression, or bipolar, etc.,), Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorder or Personality Disorders. You can write about any Psychological Disorder we have covered or is in the DSM5 – Diagnostic Manual. For example: If you choose ADHD, define ADHD, the differences between adults and children, identify the symptoms for adult vs. children, issues that are caused by ADHD, treatment and any information you know about ADHD. You must discuss medication issues, new and natural medications used and therapy. Find the definition in the DSM5 and define the diagnosis you pick. This can be found online. Paraphrase; do not copy off the internet. Remember to cite all references.Use these topic headings: Definition of Diagnosis – (You can use Milestone #1 for this entry). DSM5 diagnosis (remember to paraphrase and use citations – you can use information from Milestone #3 for this entry). Symptoms in Adults and Children Differences in children and adults Treatment options traditional and non-traditional (Include medications and therapy) Do you know someone with this diagnosis? If you do, how has this affected the person’s life? How will this information help you now and in your future career? What did you learn that stood out for you about this diagnosis?Then find/use six references from your Annotated Bibliography or elsewhere. Reference types: One reference can be your book Two references must be journal articles you find at the library or one can be from the internet but must be journal articles not just an article on the internet you picked out of Google. Three references can be a mix of the above including from a professional website such as: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), NAMI, PsychCentral, Psychology Today, Simple Psychology, etc. All references must have an author and date on your references. You cannot use Wiki, or Wikipedia, or any other references that do not have an author. Wikipedia is good to give you a general overview of your subject matter and often has references on the bottom you can look up but because Wikipedia can be updated by anyone, it is not reliable information. One reference must be the DSM5.

Gender Dysmorphia

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