Financial Markets Summative Assignment

 Follow some of S&P500 listed companies (share price evolution since November 1 st, 2021) and pick 1 public traded stock to make a fictive investment (buy or short) of USD 50,000, before February 1 st . Write a memorandum explaining your observations, results and recommendations to potential future investors depending on their investor profile (risk friendly, moderate risk, risk averse). The list of Corporations for this assignment is below: (choose one of the following companies): · NVIDIA corporation · Johnson & Johnson · PayPal Holdings · Exxon Mobil Corporation · CostCo Wholesale Corp · Texas Instruments Corp · Qualcomm Inc. · Moderna Inc. · Goldman Sachs Group Inc. · Raytheon Technologies Corp. · Caterpillar Inc. · 3M Company · Lockheed Martin Corp. · Estee Lauder Cies. Inc. Your memorandum must include: 1. Background 2. Corporation’s introduction 3. Acquisition and Selling math (50k$) 4. Graphical description of stock price and trends during the last 3 months and more in detail during the investment period 5. Technical analysis 6. Explain the observed trends 7. Relate these trends to relevant contextual information 8. Regarding this context, briefly forecast the changes in prices for the next month 9. Conclusions & Investment recommendation Remember that “A memorandum is a short document that aims to inform potential investors or decision makers about any issues in connection with the business (projects and project developments) that would need to be taken into account before risking any investment.

Financial Markets Summative Assignment

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