Financial Analysis

Company: IBM (International Business Machines) 

Prepare a three-page analysis (the header/title page and the references page are NOT included in the count of pages) where you describe the following for the FIRST company you have selected:

Financial Analysis

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1. Examine and describe how the company makes money and when revenue is recognized. Is it clear to you how the company makes money?

2. Find one interesting thing that you did not know about the company that is related to a specific line item on the income statement or the balance sheet. Start by identifying something that you think is unusual on the income statement or balance sheet (maybe one line item has variations in balances from year to year, or you see in one year a balance that is much higher than in other years). Seek the answer to this anomaly in the SEC 10-K report. Assess what you researched, why you researched it, and what you found out

You can also lookup company filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website:

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