F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading

Post your answers to the following questions: 1. How is Gatsby given an air of mystery at the beginning of the novel? How does this effect the reader's expectations? 2. Compare Myrtle's party with that given by Gatsby. What do we learn about the society that we meet? How is Tom's personality portrayed? Are there any positive characters here? 3. What is the relationship between Gatsby and Nick? Is he using Nick for some purpose? 4. How does Gatsby view Daisy? Is she really like that? What are her faults, if any? 5. What do we find out of Gatsby's past to make us suspect is legitimacy? If he is the 'new' American dream, what might Fitzgerald be saying here? 6. Is there a moral center in the setting of The Great Gatsby? Can we even trust Nick as the narrator to tell us the truth? 7. What is your general feeling about this book?

F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading

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