Evidence-based Practice



The aim of thisessay is to demonstrate your understanding of evidence-based nursing practicein the provision of person-centered care.


Course objective being assessed:

CO1: Explain the relationship between knowledge, research, andevidence-based practice.

CO2: Analyse the ethical principles that underpin research

CO3: Describe the principles of evidence-based practice and theirapplication to person-centred care.


What you need to do:


In this essay youwill:


        Explain your understanding of the relationship between knowledge,research, and evidence-based practice.


Evidence-based Practice

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        Apply your understanding of evidence-based nursing practiceto the safe nursing administration of medications.


        Discuss the ethical principles that underline research.


The essay must be presented using the headingsprovided below.


Essay: The essay must include the following:


1.      Introduction - 100 words

Provide an outlineof the purpose and structure of the essay.


2.     Relationshipbetween knowledge, research and evidence-based practice





500 words

Describe thecomponents of evidence-based practice. Explain how you would apply eachcomponent of evidence-based practice when performing single nurse checking of medicationsversus double nurse checking of medications.


4.      Ethical principles inresearch 300 words

Describe theethical principles in research. Research to retrieve one (1) primaryresearch article about single nurse checking of medications and/or doublenurse checking of medications. Discuss how the ethical principles areaddressed in the primary research article.


5.     Conclusion - 100words

Summarise yourmain points and reinforce the significance and implications of your essay.

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