Ethical Hacking - Apply: Pen Test Outline

For improving your cybersecurity company’s sales process, you must provide potential clients a clear understanding of what takes place during penetration testing. The sales team has asked you to construct an outline of a penetration test plan, detailing what each step will entail so potential clients can better understand the process, the techniques, and the tools involved. They also want to provide clients with the kind of information they will receive from the test. 

Write a 2- to 3-page outline of the penetration test plan using the following Penetration Testing Execution Standard steps/categories for your outline:

Ethical Hacking - Apply: Pen Test Outline

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  1. Pre-engagement Interactions
  2. Intelligence Gathering
  3. Threat Modeling
  4. Vulnerability Analysis
  5. Exploitation
  6. Post Exploitation
  7. Reporting

Explain what each step includes. Include issues and questions you should anticipate from a potential client.

Format any references according to APA guidelines. 

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