This report has two parts and must be at least 250 words. In the first part of your essay, you are to research your state's capital city and include in your report the answers to the following questions:

a. When was your state's capital established?
b. Was it always in the same place? Why or why not? Why is your capital situated in the part of the state where it now resides?
c. When was the current state capitol building constructed?
d. Who was your first state governor?
e. If you had a chance to relocate the state capital, where would you establish it, and what would you build or design differently?


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In the second part of your essay, give the name of the first town that was settled in your state. Be sure to include the year of its settlement. Discuss the reasons why this town was successfully established, and why it was the first to be settled.

Do not "jam" all the facts onto your paper with little thought to organization. Information on both of these parts can be found at your local library, or possibly on the Internet if your town has its own Web location. Make sure you cite all of your sources at the end of the report.

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