Essay Assignment 1: Who I Am

For this assignment, you must begin by reading "Storytelling, Narration, and the 'Who I Am' Story," by Catherine Ramsdell. 

In her chapter entitled Storytelling, Narration, and the Who I Am Story, Catherine Ramsdell states, stories are a fundamental and primary form of communication, and without them, we would lose an important way to teach our childrenand to make information memorable to those of any age. Later in the chapter, Ramsdell urges readers to [t]hink back to SkipHis story helped prove he was ready to be a leader and ready to run a corporation.

Think of an incident in your life that illustrates an important characteristic about you.

Use it to write your own "Who I Am" story.

Essay Assignment 1: Who I Am

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Your essay must follow the guidelines established by Ramsdell on pp.277-285 of her chapter;

be at least 3 full pages, but not more than 4 full pages;

be typed, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins;

follow MLA format 

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