Educator Philosophy Interview Report

For this project, you are to interview an educator (PK-12) about his/her perspectives related to: • Metaphysics • Epistemology • Human Nature • Ethics FYI, you shouldn't simply ask "What is your Epistemology?" You'll likely get some deer in the headlights looks! Instead, develop a list of questions that the average person would understand

(who's not taking a philosophy course). In order to earn full credit on this assignment, you will need to discuss your interviewee's beliefs on epistemology, metaphysics, human nature, and ethics. In this report, you are to summarize the findings of your interview, and then based on these findings determine what you assume this educator's most likely education philosophical "leanings"are among Idealism, Realism, or Pragmatism, and explain why you believe this is the most likely philosophical perspective of this educator. Note: Do not identify your interviewee by name, but only by teaching position and years of experience. The essay should be a MINUMUM of 2 full pages MS Word document, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, 1" Margins.

Educator Philosophy Interview Report

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