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Please read the instructiions below. Select two dissertations related to education technology, onequalitative study and one quantitative research design. Create a matrix shellthat will carefully review the various data collection activities used for eachof the selected research studies. This matrix will be a 2 X 8 table with theeight different parts of the data at the left vertically and the two labeledstudies across the top (horizontally listed).

Insert the data from the two sources into the matrix shell.The completed matrix will facilitate a structured comparison of theinstrumentation, the data organization, the data analysis plan, and thediscussion findings. Summarize the two dissertations selected for thisassignment. Explain how the findings may change depending on the researchdesign chosen.

The vertical labels should be as follows:

Research Methodology- For a quantitative study, itcould be quasi-experimental, descriptive, inferential, etc. For a qualitativestudy, it could be labeled narrative, phenomenological, Grounded Theory,ethnography, case study, etc.

Site and Population - What is the typical way that asite is located in order to do this type of study? Where would they beassociated? Would it be as a group or individually discussed?

Education Tech

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How to Access Population/Rapport For example,contact the administration for permission? Look for people on the Internet whohave had needed experiences? Contact a single person to collect archival data?

Sampling Selection Plan - How did the researcherselect a site and then the individuals to complete the study? (e.g., purposefulsampling, stratified sample, random sample from a list).

Instrumentation - What was the form of the datacollected? (i.e., interviews, focus groups, test results, observations, asurvey given, special artifacts collected, etc.).

Ethics and Data Security Plan - Took notes, used aninterview protocol and transcribed it from recording, collected survey formsand aggregated into a spreadsheet, placed in file folders, computer passwordprotected, etc.?

Validity and Reliability - Any problems accessingmaterials and proving the authenticity of the account? Any possible personalbiases in the collection or analysis of data? What were the potentialinconsistencies?

Data Analysis Plan - Once the data was collected, howwas it analyzed to allow discussion of the findings? Was it placed in tables,analyzed with special statistical tests, used coding to find the"essence" of what was presented orally from the interviews, etc.?

Create 1300-word essay describing each of the cells of thematrix in detail. Focus the essay portion of your assignment on describing,evaluating, comparing, and contrasting how different types of research (onequalitative and one quantitative) affect how the results are explained andfindings are described. Remember to include the matrix in the appendix. Followthe APA Guidelines and get at least 10 sources

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