Go to this link and watch the video:


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After viewing the video, answer thefollowing questions:

  • Identify some of the problems that you identified with the educational system in place for the population in this video. Justify your responses with examples.
  • Discuss the connection between socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and the educational system. Use examples from the video the justify your answer. Be sure to include a sociological perspective when you respond.
  • Tell us your opinion about the educational system in Houston (or wherever you went to high school). Use your experience to explain your perspective. ( e.g. Did you see evidence of an achievement gap (between the rich and poor, or between neighborhoods when you were in school).
  • Include references to the talks by Ken Robinson and Sugata Mitra in addition to your sources.

Be sure to answer all questions completelyand include at least 3 sources with references to the text and other scholarlyreferences. No plagiarism

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