Drama Essay

 In drama the characters' backstories, personalities, ideas, and motivations are conveyed through what we see and hear on the stage or screen. This post will be an exercise in analyzing one of our Unit 4 works of drama by considering its visual and aural aspects in terms of its relationship to a theme from Unit 1. You will support your analysis with evidence relating to the visuals, stage directions, and dialogue from your chosen drama.


Part 1. Consider which of the following themes you are most interested in exploring in the context of your chosen drama:

Drama Essay

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  • Love (filial, maternal/paternal, romantic, or platonic)
  • Alienation/Otherness
  • The American Dream/Nightmare
  • The Quest for Identity/Coming of Age
  • Conformity/Rebellion

Part 2. Discuss the ways in which what we see on stage or screen (stage directions, visual choices) and/or what we hear (monologues and dialogue) connect to that particular theme. Use specific details from the text to support your point. Critically think about how these details support the theme and why the writer(s) chose to use the theme in these specific ways. For example, if your theme is "romantic love," consider how the characters' views of ideal romantic love differ, and what meaning the playwright intends to convey through the contrast of the characters' words about love. How does what they say about romantic love compare with what we see on stage or screen? What does the playwright hope their audience will believe, learn, or consider about this theme after viewing the drama? Approach this discussion as preparation for your essay in this Unit.

Grading Criteria:

  • Your choice of theme or themes is well-supported by your textual examples.
  • Your explanation and analysis of your chosen quoted material.
  • Your peer responses are substantive and thoughtful and advance the discussion by introducing new insights or perspectives, and/or significantly deepening or broadening th

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