Does Playing Video Games Make You More Violent?

Develop An Argument Research PaperWrite a 4-5 page plus bibliography academic argument on the topic listed above (anything less than 4 full pages of text will automatically receive a failing grade. An academic argument introduces a specific topic and complicates it, exposing critical thinking about the issue; it advances one central thesis or idea in a unique voice, situates that voice in relationship with other voices, explains how and why the central thesis is valid using logical reasons, and provides academic evidence to support every claim the paper makes. The project will include research from at least 3 credible secondary sources, at least 1 of which must have originated in print, and at least 1 of which must be scholarly.Research Project Requirements:Paper must be 4-5 pages long. This means that it must be a minimum of 4 full pages of text plus a references page. Anything shorter will receive an automatic E.If you do a multimedia presentation, you must have at least 20 slidesanything less will result in a failing grade. Please include a one-page summary of your project.If you do a video, your video must be a minimum of 20 minutes longanything shorter will result in a failing grade. Please include a one-page summary of your project.Paper must use 12 pt. font and one-inch margins (double-spaced).Project must quote and paraphrase from the sources used.Project must use APA style documentation.Project must adhere to the standards of a competent essay, presentation or video.Reminder about Sources: Secondary sources report, describe, comment on, or analyze someone elses work. The following are examples of secondary sources originating in print: Critical books; Professional/scholarly journal articles; Articles from print newspapers; Magazine articles. The APA Education Paper must include at least two scholarly journal articles. Any question or doubt about a sources origin in print should be taken up with the instructor prior to depending on the source or incorporating it into the paper.The annotated summary should have the following (4) parts: citation (APA) objective summary evaluation and plan for useIt should use APA Paper format. See the guide below under Resource. You do NOT have to include an abstract, but do include a Title Page

Does Playing Video Games Make You More Violent?

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