Hello there, I just started the phase of writing the dissertation, it is required to write 40,000 words over the coming nine months, these will be 6 chapters. After writing each chapter, I will need to discuss with my supervisor professor for the feedback, required changes and then reflect that in the dissertation, this process will continue until we finish, review and approve the final version after 9 months. This will include a survey (minimum 200 ) and interviews, then do the required statistics analysis (ANOVA) and calculations.. I need to get your offer for the entire scope including  writing the dissertation, doing the survey, statistic calculation and so on., ...the subject is digital transformation

all should be in line with the SBS dissertation guidelines attached
- APA6
- times new roman 12
-1.5-line separation
-at least 4 hypothesis
-survey needs to be 7 levels
- no reference from Wikipedia.


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attached is the SBS guidelines, which must be followed. I already finished chapter one, attached, i want you to help with the rest.

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