Discussion Post On The Play "Machinal"

Please read the play, Machinal.

Here is the link to the play:


Here is a LitCharts summary link of the play, to help better understand the characters and the plot:


After completing all the tasks above, please make a discussion post based on the following:

Here is the discussion prompt, as described by my professor:

Post 2 images that remind you of something significant in the play of Machinal and one quote that either talks about the play or talks about a theme that is handled in the play that reflects on the play in an interesting way. The quote can be from a piece of scholarly writing about the play, or a performance review, a news article about related themes or events, or it can be something creative, like song lyrics -- something thoughtful about the play or the ideas raised in the play. Write briefly about why you chose the images and quote. Identify the sources of where you found them (but don't worry about formal citation format). 

Please include the images as part of a word document, along with the discussion post.

Discussion Post On The Play

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