Discover A Scientist

Discussion Board 6

Note for the Discussion Boards

    • Use images and maps to add visual effects wherever possible - Guide to embed images by uploading files or embed from the web.
    • Hyperlink sources and citations, do not list a bibliography. - Guide to hyperlink sources.

For this week's discussion board:

Discover A Scientist

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  1. Discover a Scientist - Locate a Scientist working on/in a Biome or an Ecosystem and provide a detailed (300 word min.) discussion of their research with us. Use multimedia to enhance the discussion. For example: William R. Mote started the Coral Reef Restoration Project in Florida which has now developed into a Research and Educational Experience in Florida.
  2. Generate an informative and scientifically accurate Meme using your knowledge and understanding of Wildfires. Use either of the Meme Generators below
      • (Links to an external site.)
  3. From the websites you were asked to review this week (listed below) and noted on the overview page for Wildfires, select two articles that you read and in one paragraph explain what you learned that you did not already know. Hyperlink to the information you reference.
      • Wildland Fires and how to Manage them
      • The Conversation
      • Fire Science, and
      • Fire Science Research Stations

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