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Research Paper Presentation
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Creating and Presenting a Research Paper (3-4 minutes)
Create a visual outline to present your research project and its findings to your classmates and instructor. Use the following template to create your outline and be prepared to present your project effectively. Give feedback on peers after the presentation.

Research Components:

Research Question
Research Statement
Background Information
Annotated Bibliography of Relevant and Useful Sources
Supporting Documents, Pictures and Graphs
Outline of the Paper
See assignment sheet

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Grading Criteria:

The Visual Outline:

accurately and clearly presents the rationale and components of the research using academic language
is complete and all the required components are included accurately and thoughtfully
The Presentation:

is thoughtful, informative and effective
is within the time limit
uses effective volume, speed, intonation, and pronunciation
discusses the project using effective communicative strategies
uses academic language effectively

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