Developing Multicultural Awareness For Probation Officers

As the demographics of our Nation continue to change, so will the skills needed by probation and parole officers. One of the key skills that all probation/parole officers must develop now and in the future is multicultural awareness. Cross-cultural barriers pose critical impediments in building effective relationships between probation officers and their clients.

Before responding to the discussion question:

Read .

Developing Multicultural Awareness For Probation Officers

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Also, in your text read the complementary insert, Multiculturalism and Diversity: Culturally Skilled Probation Officers, at page 319.

After reading the assignments and lecture, listening to the audio presentation, and reading the abstract and particular textbook page indicated above, you now have a better understanding of the steps necessary to develop ones multicultural skills. For this discussion, address the following topic:

  • Discuss what is needed to better develop a probation/parole officers multicultural skills.

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