Descriptive Paragraph

Write a Descriptive Paragraph
READEvergreen Chapters 1 & 2.
REFERRING PARTICULARLY to Evergreen pages 17-19, describe a family dinner (yours, or a friends), which reveals elements of that familys culture. Your writing must be vivid, to evoke an experience of each of our commonly-known 5 senses--smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste. It is not enough to simply mention a sense, for example by saying the taste was wonderful. What does wonderful mean? Nothing much. A good example might be the wine was like acid on our tongues or the wine tasted as sweet as a ripe cherry.
In your paper, provide at least 2 examples of each sense.FISH CHEEKS is a good model for your own writing, but you need not write a story or an essay. Writing a narrative is not even desirable if it leads you into believing that its necessary and is sufficient. Writing description is all thats
required. A scene, whether it be a family dinner, or something else, can be described without telling a story.Your paragraph must be 18-20 lines long. Less will not be accepted.
FIRST, FREEWRITE OR BRAINSTORMTO GENERATE IDEAS. Write your ideas on paper, preferably. Remember that each item you jot down must involve one or more of the 5 senses.
AFTER WRITING your paragraph, skip a few lines and add your freewriting/brainstorming, so I can evaluate how well youve used the process.

Descriptive Paragraph

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