Describe And Explain

Imagine you are part of the Rutgers Internal Review Board (IRB).  I am a researcher at Rutgers and am sending you a research proposal in which I ask for your approval to do research with children. Here is an excerpt from my proposal:

"The participants will be between 6 and 8 years old.  Approximately 25 children will participate.  The participants will be recruited from a school that has 150 students in grades 1-2.  The study will be a survey that asks about their experiences at home."

Describe And Explain

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1. Considering the 4 moral principles that your book mentions (Chapter 3; 15), pick 2 of those principles and describe for each an ethical issue/problem that could arise from the information you have from my proposal (see excerpt above.)

2. For each of the ethical issues that you described, offer a solution (see also the Comments tab on Research with Children).

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