Cultural Diversity Experience

Term Paper: Cultural Diversity Experience

Cultural diversity is just a matter of getting out of our limited environment and into the world around us. The Cultural Diversity Experience Paper has the following objectives:

  • First, it gives you the opportunity to recall an experience with a culture that was different from your own and your interaction with that culture.
  • Second, by writing about this experience, you can better understand and empathize with those who are different from you.
  • Third, it provides you with the opportunity to reflect on, and become aware of, attitudes and beliefs that you may have about a group that is culturally different from yourself. 

You will write a reflection paper, in which you will describe your encounter with a culturally different person/population, what you learned, and how the experience made you feel. Most of your paper will be a discussion of the ways in which your experience correlates with the course related materials (e.g., course readings, discussions, assignments, and lectures) and the implications of a multicultural world on contemporary life and life in the workplace.

Cultural Diversity Experience

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Obviously, this has the potential to be a very broad topic and could result in an extensive paper. In order to observe the required word range of the paper, you will need to limit the scope of your paper with a well-defined thesis statement or focus on a small number of claims.

Your paper should follow APA guidelines. This assignment is a formal essay, so you should follow the forms of good writing, which include no slang or text-speak; good grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and good organization. Also, the paper should have a thesis statement, supporting points throughout (plenty of detail and specifics), and a conclusion, at least six sources and plenty of cited quotes. You should have a separate cover page and reference page. It is always a good idea to write an Abstract that summarizes your work as a way of aiding the reader. The Abstract should be page 2 behind the cover page. The body of your work should be around 7-8 pages. A good paper has a strong Introduction and Conclusion. These serve as bookends for the body of your work. It is good to get in the habit of organizing your work through the use of headings and subheadings. Again, this aids the reader in following you. Finally, to create an academically sound piece of work, you should include references from your text and course materials, along with those from 4 other sources such as professional journal articles and books.

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