Critical Thinking Question In-depth In Paragraph Form.

You must answer each critical thinking question in-depth in paragraph form. Use examples from the course to support your answers. APA format, 6 pages total. 

Critical Thinking Question In-depth In Paragraph Form.

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  1. How would each perspective on criminal justice view the use of the death penalty as a sanction for first-degree murder?
  2. How would you explain gender differences in the crime rate? Do you think males are more violent than females? Why?
  3. Are all criminals impulsive? How could impulsivity be used to explain white-collar and/or organized crime? If crime is a routine activity, what steps should you take to avoid becoming a crime victim?
  4. What is a criminal act? What is a criminal state of mind? When are individuals criminally liable for their actions? Entrapment is a defense used when the defendant was lured into committing the crime. To what extent should law enforcement personnel induce the commission of an offense?
  5. What is the Department of Homeland Security? What are its component law enforcement strategies? What are some of the technological advances that should help the police solve more crimes? What are the dangers of these advances?
  6. Can the police and the community ever form a partnership to fight crime? Why or why not? Does the community policing model remind you of early forms of policing? Explain.

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